Grain Processing EOOD buys up cereals wholesale and retail and offers them, as follows:

all types of legumes, grown on the territory of Bulgaria;

all types of oilseeds, grown on the territory of Bulgaria;

a wide range of cereals such as maize, wheat, barley, rape, etc.;

boutique crops such as flaxseed, poppy seed, chia, quinoa, popcorn, etc.


Grain Processing EOOD has its own laboratory with capacity for analysis, which guarantees the quality and complete control over the product. The products are packaged as per customer’s request and loaded in the type of vehicle specified by the customer.

Grain Processing EOOD uses in its activity and offers for sale to customers the following types of machines:

Screening machines

We offer three types of cleaning machines: pre-cleaners, fine screen cleaners and screen graders. All of them are the so-called screening machines and provide the cleaning process.

Indent cylinder block

This machine performs the separation lengthwise from the main product of broken seeds; unthreshed seeds or longer/ shorter impurities from the main product; the seeds are sorted according to their size by length, unwanted impurities and seeds unfit for sowing are removed.

Stone separators

The stone separators purify the product by recognizing objects with the same size but different weights. Thus, the seed mass is cleaned from heavier impurities such as pebbles, soil, glass or different seeds.


Gravity separators

The gravity separator also has the capacity to recognize lighter impurities of different weights, thus separating the different seeds. The grades, separated in this way, have the same energy capacity, which guarantees the yield in terms of quality and quantity.

Colour sorting machines

The colour sorting machines have special cameras, which distinguish spots on the surface of the seeds. This is the reason why these machines provide 99.99 % purity of the product. Their sensors can be adjusted according to the required seed quality. The optical sensors scan the seeds repeatedly, so that only the ones with the quality desired by the customer reach the hopper.

Packaging machines

Grain Processing EOOD offers its customers machines that allow for packaging in big bags or from 5 to 50 kg packs.