Toll cleaning

To get a high yield and an excellent harvest, you need quality seeds for sowing. They are the first and the most important condition for any farmer’s success. Grain Processing EOOD takes care of your success and offers toll preparation, ensuring the highest quality of the seed cleaning process. This is possible due to the modern AKYUREK brand technological line, which we use. At the end of the seed treatment process you will receive seeds with maximum germination, selection of the best grade for sowing, decontaminated if requested and packaged according to your request. The AKYUREK treatment system also ensures the correct and accurate dosing of the preparation during the seeds decontamination treatment.

Seed preparation process

The initial pre-cleaning begins with the removal of large and small impurities. Then it is followed by processing in the fine cleaners and screen graders. In order to remove undernourished and weak seeds, we use an indent cylinder block that separates the seeds based on their length and removes short, broken or unthreshed seeds. We clean the heavier impurities with a stone separator. Even if you have pebbles, soil or glass impurities with the same size as the seeds, the stone separator will recognize them because of their different weight and will separate them. The gravity separator, which Grain Processing EOOD uses in seed preparation, has a similar function. Unlike the stone separator, it recognizes lighter impurities and is suitable for removing seeds eaten from the inside that do not germinate, thus separating them from quality seeds. The finest sieving and sorting of excellent seeds is done by an optical colour sorting machine, whose high-tech optics can distinguish imperfections on the surface of the seeds so that it separates the ones of the highest quality.

Preparation of seed types

Grain Processing EOOD offers you: cleaning, grade calibration, customized packaging in big bags or from 5 to 50 kg packs of all kinds of seeds, legumes and cereals. The company also offers the purchase of the cleaned products on a toll basis.

Seed preparation prices and terms

Toll preparations are offered seasonally, with priority given to seasonal crops. Other orders are fulfilled after the end of the respective season. The prices of the services are negotiated based on the quantities and the implementation terms.

Peeling of seeds

In addition to cleaning and preparation of seeds, Grain Processing EOOD also offers peeling of legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas and cereals such as buckwheat, spelt and einkorn wheat.