About Us

Grain Processing EOOD is a company, which offers cleaning and processing services for cereal and legume seeds, peeling of legumes and oilseeds, as well as the entire consultation related to the design and layout study for this type of activities. In addition to the equipment, offered by Grain Processing, it provides training to the staff that will be working with it. The company also offers additional services such as cleaning of hopper agricultural produce to 99.99% pure final product state, packaged in big bags or from 5 to 50 kg packs.


Legumes | Oilseeds | Cereals | Healthy foods

Toll cleaning

Toll Cleaning | Dosing and packaging in big bags or from 5 to 50 kg packs |Seed preparation-peeling, calibration, packaging and ect. | Peeling of seeds


Design, consultation and layout planning